Successfully filter
out risks

More control for you with our file type filter.
Tailored to your individual security policies.

Block or allow?

With our file type filter, admins can easily and successfully enforce their existing security policies with Cryptshare. Thanks to fine customisation options, the settings can be adapted exactly to their needs:

  • Block critical file types
  • Allow trusted file types
  • Applicable to individual sender/recipient lists
  • Optimal handling through learning system 

171 malware attacks take place every second.
Most of them via email.


Minimise malware risks

You decide who can send and receive which file types with whom via Cryptshare. In this way, you protect your company from malware attacks and human errors caused by accidental transmissions.

In addition, you have fast and effective intervention options if malware attacks are frequently carried out with certain file types.

Ready for enhanced control?